Mail Slot Notecard Set


Curated set of high-quality notecards, envelopes, and vintage postage for letter writing. Perfect for any occasion!

This notecard set contains:
* 4 envelopes (2 teal and 2 pool)
* 4 printed notecards
* 4 vintage postage sets ($0.55 each, the cost of a letter)

Each card is professionally printed on 120# uncoated cover stock.
Cards and envelopes are A2 sized.

Vintage postage stamps:
#1530-37 Universal Postal Union — 10¢
#1489-98 U.S. Postal Service — 8¢
#2779-82 National Postal Museum — 29¢
#1396 U.S. Postal Service — 8¢

Please note: each set may contain slightly different stamps than is shown due to the nature of its entire sheet of designs (for example, the #1489-98 U.S. Postal Service stamps have 10 designs, you will receive 4 of those 10 designs, randomly selected).

10% of all profits will be donated to Color of Change.